A Moment in My Time

Preface: This is my SECOND blog post dated November 2009

Photo by Allan Mas on Pexels.com

.. so here are some random thoughts with no real direction. So I’ve been intending to do some blogging. I think I have intentionally stopped beau and told him that I needed to blog about something- chatted it out with him, and then lost motivation to write my thoughts and feelings out. poof. idea gone. well this is going to be my attempt to relinquish my previous thoughts and expand, reflect and delve into my thinking. (not like its prophetic or anything, just has been resting in my synaptic mind).

First, my drive. My drives this week have been entertaining, heart thrilling at times, and routine. Driving forty to forty five minutes each way to work, takes a toll on me. I realized this last week that I spend an extra ten hours a week just getting too and from work. It made me question the worth of it. Well it really is worth it, but I am excited to seek the possibilities closer to home. I want my heart to be in my community. I look forward to coaching, mentoring and maybe even leading a little bit more when I’m closer to home. I could honestly write a blog just about my drives every day. But I’ll let that be my own entertainment … unless….. there has been some quite lame blogs turn famous. Hmmmmm. hehe. I am not set up to be a professional writer. I’ll stick with teaching.

Second, my shopping adventure. So, I had Friday off last week because I worked fifteen hours on top of the regular 7.5 for two days so I didn’t have to come in on Friday. It was conference week, which is a whole other blog entry. So on Friday I went to the Kitsap mall and went cruising around Macy’s looking for some sweaters, pants and other things on sale. Found a couple things- and paid with my debit card! (trust me- it feels good). But I did encounter a couple women that I didn’t expect to encounter in Silverdale. Maybe in Bellevue, but not here. At 11 in the morning, I had a woman actually brush up against me and pretty much shoulder butted me out of her way so she could look in my size section of the clearance rack. When I said ‘excuse me’ she gave me the ‘what?’ look and kept doing her thing. Really?!? wow. The mall was dead- go look somewhere else till its your turn. I didn’t want to look in that section that bad anyways. Have your so called territory woman. Sheesh.I love to shop, but I hate that kinda stuff. Bleh.

Third, my weekend! I had the greatest weekend this weekend! It was so well balanced! I went on a great date with my hubby Friday night- did some costume shopping, had dinner at red robin(yum!), carved our pumpkins and then watched a scary movie! I then had a wonderful Saturday spending it with my lovely neighbors for their beautiful daughter, Paige’s 7th birthday at the pizza factory in port orchard. And celebrated our Halloween next door at the rogers’ house with the fam, friends and some wonderful neighbors!!! Played some fun flippy cup and took some fun pictures! It truly was one of the best Halloween’s I’ve ever had. Beau and I had so much fun being dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Smith! :0)

And lastly, I found out that my great friend (and now cousin) is pregnant! I am soo excited for Tiffany! I know that they’re going to be great parents and that they’re ready for the big, rewarding life change ahead. It always makes me excited and happy to see and hear about my close friends and family going through something exciting for them. It never hurts to be happy! :0) So I’m HAPPY! :0)

Well, I think I did it. Not the greatest blog, but it works. I’ve put my thoughts together (well out there) and we’ll see what happens for my next inspiration!

Till then, have a great week!


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