Giving of Thanks

I'm a giver. I like to give and express my appreciation. YET- I always feel like I don't do it ENOUGH. With the demands of life, I hope that those around me understand the inferences of appreciation I show because not always do the words come out of my mouth, though I feel them in... Continue Reading →

Post-Election School Day

Wow. Being a teacher at this time in history is remarkable. You get the most genuine, sometimes comical responses from 10 year olds during the 'turning points' in history. I am proud to be a guide in the acquisition and filtration of information for these kids. Today is a day that I probably will never... Continue Reading →

Saturday Morning Download.

Good Morning. Yes, it's 7:24 AM on a Saturday. The sun has NOT shown it's face yet, and here I am wide awake staring at this bright screen composing a new post. I'm compelled- so I'm up and at 'em to DOWNLOAD¬†my thoughts and see what they look like on a computer screen.¬†(I'm hoping it... Continue Reading →

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