A Time of Hope?

Preface: This was written December 1st, 2009: 12 years ago!

Background: This reflection was shortly after the Lakewood Police Officers were shot and killed very close to where I once lived. It was an incredibly hard time for many and finding hope was hard.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Wow. I haven’t blogged in a long while, but you can count on the fact that my mind is always going. I’ve just chosen to talk about what’s on my mind rather than sit and write about it. I’ve had some great conversations with my husband (gosh I love saying that!) because of it. He’s such a good listener (even if he’s just “{uh-huh-ing}” to make me feel better) hehe.

So a lot of things have happened lately that have got my heart reaching out and my thoughts heavy. I’m very saddened by the ridiculously outrageous murders that occurred on Sunday. I know everyone knows what happened, so I don’t need to explain it. It frightened me at first, knowing how close that was to where I used to live a short time ago (same for you- Jen, Allison, Jamie, Dan, Keenan, Julie, etc.). It came pretty close to home. It’s unimaginable, and so awful. My prayers and thoughts are truly with the families, and I truly wish they knew that.

Whenever something bad, or remarkable happens, I’m always fascinated by the response of my students. Since I don’t have kids yet, I live vicariously through them! :0) But their sensitivity and shock is humbling. Its fascinating to me how the media plays such a role in their reaction to the worldly events! Media is a great tool of information BUT it also creates a heightened sense of anxiety. I had students respond both full of anxiety and worry as well as full of concern for the families. I guess I have also seen adults respond likewise. I just try to avoid the ‘hype’ of the media, yet use it to stay informed. I truly think I’m getting a little older ’cause I buy the Sunday paper every Sunday and I watch the news every night when I’m cooking dinner. That’s just staying informed right? right???? hehe

With all that I see in my life and all the events that happen in the world, everything comes down to HOPE. Do we have it? How do we restore it? How to we maintain it? How do we seek it?

I had some great conversations today with my coworkers and other district employees at my Response to Intervention summit today. We discussed how to make sure that we meet every students’ need- all meaning all. During our discussions we consistently came back to the idea that it truly is our job to encourage hope in our schools and classrooms in an era that makes it ok to settle with not having hope and just getting by. Every individual is great at something. Our job is to dedicate our time and efforts to truly helping them discover their success. All in all, having hope in all they do so they will succeed and be successful. They CAN get through it. It’s just they need to learn how.

I take on the honor of having the opportunity to sustain, regain and establish hope in the individuals that will be running our country in the future. As Barack says best: WE CAN DO IT!!!!

SO— RIP Lakewood Officers. You’re our heroes. You will not be forgotten.
To all– Let’s remain hopeful in our future and be at peace with today!


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