So I decided….

Preface: This is my very FIRST blog… dated October 22nd, 2009

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…to start doing this! Blogs have always been something that I’ve always enjoyed READING by others, BUT doing it? That means I needed to write. I feel like I’ve written my share. And for it to be recreation? hmmm..

After long diliberated thought, I’ve decided to sit and write my first blog post. We’ll see how it goes. I know I am not choosing to do this for others’ entertainment. Am I doing it for me then? Am I trying to ‘show off’? or what? Nah, I simply think I’m motivated to do this to share my wonders, thoughts, experiences and the things that are making me happy.

At work we’ve had this motto for the year and it’s really stuck with me. I feel like I’m able to use it in different ways and this has become a new avenue of use. It goes like this, “Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?” Sounds simple right? Well, I love to set goals, I am encouraged by others to achieve them, and when I get there- I can’t help but celebrate.

This blog thing might be a way for me to share what i’m reaching for as well as where I am on that road, and then to share in the celebration of reaching the goals in my life.
Lol. I guess I can drop all the purpose setting mumble jumble. I am obviously back to work and back to the mindset of being an educator. I guess I ask for patience. Hehe.

I am watching Trauma the show right now. First time, probably like the second or third episode. WOW! Quite the intense show. I know its far from realistic but it really takes you back for a moment to think. Things, and life, could really change in a moment. It makes you appreciate the many moments you have. Not to a ZEN level, but definitely provides a little awareness to the reality of LIFE and what it is. It also makes me wish that I would be keeping in contact with people that I care about that I don’t see, or haven’t talked to in a lonnnng while. Why do I get caught up in the daily life thing? It’s not fair to the ones that I love and care about that I don’t have the convienence and opportunity to see on a regular basis. Thus, I must find a way to make that time. When I make that time, I am happier. I ALWAYS walk away feeling encouraged, inspired and enthusiastic!!! There’s not alot of investments of time that gives you those feelings.

I miss those friends that I don’t see. I hope they don’t flee. They mean too much to me. I must put forth the effort to reconcile and enjoy their company. They bring me joy. Always. Let my goal be this.

I am going to be honest. I miss Danielle and Jeff with dear Corabelle, Emily and Chris NOW Brooks!, haven’t met cute little Bay with dear Allison, and Megan and Heather! Megan- I want to get to know your hubby and get to know how YOU are, Heather and Grant and beautiful Amelia, I have sooo much joy for you and I often reminisce about our long-back game night. You’re GREAT! Oh and dearest Jen- sis- I love you dearly, I’m so happy for your happy. I can’t help but wish you were closer to home, but I always smile with the thought of you being my sis. I miss you. All of you- I miss you- DEARLY.

Nonetheless, I hope I was successful in a little bit of reflection. Who reads it? It doesn’t matter, but to me, I got a chance to reflect, which gives me a chance to act. Till next time…


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