Saturday Morning Download.

Good Morning. Yes, it’s 7:24 AM on a Saturday. The sun has NOT shown it’s face yet, and here I am wide awake staring at this bright screen composing a new post. I’m compelled- so I’m up and at ’em to DOWNLOAD my thoughts and see what they look like on a computer screen. (I’m hoping it won’t be too BLAH).

To begin with- I love to write. I don’t do it enough. I’ve been inspired to do it more but I’m greatly distracted by my lifelong investments of being a mother, educator and wife. Because of these great investments, I have become a very reflective person. This is where writing will be a great benefit as it will allow me to take action on some of my thoughts, or simply feel joy in the little things of life. So here goes. THE BEGINNING.

As a fourth grade teacher, I’ve been required to embark on a new writing curriculum this year. I’m teaching these lessons with some prep of course, but with little training prior to implementation. I’m trying to use my natural inspiration in the value of writing to direct and guide me through the rich (and lengthly) lesson plans. Therefore, in good practice, I’m going to use one of the strategies that I first taught my students about writing. DOWNLOAD. Take a pencil and piece of paper and just write, jot, sketch out ANYTHING you’d like to write about NOW or LATER. So- here goes my DOWNLOAD (using keystrokes to document rather than pencil and paper):

  • ANXIETY and WORRY vs. HOPE and FAITH: the balance of life
  • ASPIRATIONS: what does the future hold?
  • PARENTING: the adventures and journey: keeping positive in all things
  • CAREER: Impacts, Inspirations, Implications and More
  • VALUE of LIFE: All that’s important to me…

Though this list is short, it has many layers and pathways. The best thing about writing is it’s unpredictability. Some times and some days- it’s just what MOVES you. In this case, I must prepare you and myself for what may lay ahead in this journey. For now (if you’re reading this) I thank you for your time. I know its precious. I feel valued in your short-term investment when essentially- this is for my mere reflection and character development.

Till next time… (which who knows- it may be in a second post today, a new post tomorrow, or forgive me- days ahead)…. enjoy your moments and may your reflections be enriching.

Endnote: I may have started this entry early in the mornin’ but with the small interruptions in my day (which I embrace warmly) I am finishing this at 1:12 PM while my little angel lay asleep next to me. I am ever so thankful for these small moments.I will hold on to them forever.


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