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Lightning has struck me! (per se) And my drive has become focused. I can’t ignore the information that has been enriching my life. What will I do with it all? I do not yet know. But I will be doing something. It all started earlier this year, and the more information I absorb, the more I am compelled to do something with it. Again, I do not yet know. But it will be something. Be prepared. I’ve been empowered, enriched, and by golly- MOVED!

So, I’ve been drafting this blog post since June. You know when experiences are so pure for you that it’s hard to explain? Well, that’s exactly how I’ve felt and how I still feel. Therefore, posting this took courage. I feel like I’m sharing the information that I’ve gained from my own personal experiences on a gold platter. They are precious to me, and I sincerely hope they move you in a similar way.

In simple terms, I’m going to share with you some videos that have been compelling to me along my journey. I’ve read books, attended a conference, talked with professionals, been reading blogs, participating in a Brain Highways Lower Brain Development Course, and much more. I’m MOTIVATED and ENGAGED. Essentially, this blog could be written as if it were a thesis (or beginning of an action research project) or have itself on its way to a dissertation! Though, I don’t want to put you asleep, I want to catch your brain’s attention by some of the key things that caught mine. The emotion these videos provoked, made me want to learn more.

I encourage you to watch these videos and reflect on how this information is useful for you. I’d also love to discuss some of your reflections, as well as discover some of your curiosities. Let’s chat about this! 😊

So, here goes…

First, during the school’s book study of How to Help Traumatized Children,  our principal and counselor shared this TED talk. To know the lifelong effect of trauma… empowered me to be a more intentional teacher and person for our struggling youth. It also made me extremely reflective… (Roughly 15-16 min long)

Secondly, after having great conversations following active research, I decided to enroll Bella and I in a Brain Highways Course. From the beginning, I’ve learned more about the brain and behavior and I’ve had DIRECT impact on how its made life richer, easier and happier for the whole family. Here’s some videos that are extremely simple, catchy and informational about these experiences. (roughly 5 minutes each)

Disorganized Brain:

Pons: (The class I’m in right now is addressing these things):


Proprioceptive System: (the exercises that we’ve been integrating into the program to develop more important parts of the brain):

Vestibular System: (even more of the things we’re working on):

Next, I went to a conference. As I sponged in this eye-opening information, it hit home. It’s hard to ignore. We listened to great speakers and the main speaker was from Walla Walla, in my home state of Washington. The Principal Jim Sporleder, had courage to take on the hardest teens and transform their futures. What he did and how he did it, is empowering. Here’s the trailer for his school’s documentary: (you can find it on amazon if you’d like to watch it)

And lastly, neuroscience has always compelled me due to my own personal traumatic brain injury. I’ve always been compelled by my recovery and have spent many of my days thereafter researching to find out more. I’m not “all knowing” and never will be, but research continues to unfold about neuroplasticity and as I keep trying to be ‘in the know,’ I come across information (and discoveries) that empower me. Therefore, here is my most recent inspiration that blends the knowledge of neuroscience, trauma and more…

All in all, I have been blessed with life, after suffering a traumatic brain injury, and I’ve been empowered by the developing science in neuroplasticity, especially from being able to recover from physical, emotional and adverse conditions. From this day forward, I will continue to do my best in creating positive, empowering environments and relationships for those in my life for either a short time or a long time. 😊

Again- please chat/comment about any of the videos above as I love to listen and discuss these topics! A lifelong learner……



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