Comic Relief.

I find myself slightly handicapped when it comes to humor and wit. Therefore, I hope that you’re not anticipating laugh-out-loud-humor, but rather start-your-day-with-a-smile read. šŸ™‚ Nonetheless, I was inspired to sit and write as I found humor in the time-and-place of my current situation. Enjoy. (Take a sip of coffee, take a deep breath, stretch a little, smile)

Here is my current setting (what surrounds me as I compose this post):

  • 8 am on Sunday morning
  • Coffee in hand (blue agave syrup+plant-based creamer+chocolate coconut collagen)
  • Sunny and currently 64 degrees
  • Golf course: Tee box: Hole #7

As I sit here reading my inspirational book, (The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey) I am amused by the responses from the golfers as they tee off. They can’t see me as I’m sitting on my deck (as I sit far enough off the course), yet I hear all of the things. Here are some of my notations:

  • Jesus is our Savior (but not always of your golf game ;-))
  • When you yell at the ball to get in the hole, it will not listen to you no matter how assertive you may be
  • Yelling at yourself does NOT improve your game (and throwing your club doesn’t help your score either)
  • Trees are NOT your destination (I hear more trees being hit than grass)

For these reasons, I find comic relief in the pattern of behavior and language. Now- not all passing golfers display these patterns, yet this morning, the majority do. Is this a temperature check on the mental health of our community? Oh. Of course I’m going to go there. šŸ™‚ Social Emotional Status Check.  Function of Behavior Assessment of Golfers. Haha..

Either way, I am grateful for the gift of the morning sun, talking birds, light breeze, warm coffee, and good reading (and entertaining golf-gaming).

If you’re inspired to go for a round of golf today, feel free to release the stress you have held captive (we all have it bottling up), but in doing so- please wave and say hi, talk nicely to yourself, limit the tree impact, and find humor in your experience (laugh at the outcome of your hit- don’t get mad at the ball- it did that because of you). 

Enjoy your coffee. Thanks for sharing the experience with me. May it bring a smile.

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