Picture Explanation

I realized that I posted something without explanation. The image in the header of my blog is not my own. Yet, it still has significant meaning. I can’t help but explain so the appreciation can be shared.

Ten years ago, I gained a new guardian angel. My beloved grandfather, Robert Hendricks, passed away, somewhat unexpectedly. I wasn’t prepared. I’ll never be prepared. Yet, I was able to capture some sincere last moments with him that I’ll treasure forever. This photo is a symbol of one of those shared moments.

See my grandfather and I spent lots of time in conversation. He was always heartfelt and his perspective was always valuable to me. From this, I treasure the last conversations we had. One of those were about the rigid climb of going up a mountain. He wholeheartedly wanted me to paint a picture representing the challenges and rewards of climbing a mountain. Now, I have not shared any time on the mountain with him, yet he was an avid skiier and a well-respected Ski Patrol member (and leader), so being on a mountain was part of his being. Considering this, I listened with my whole being about what he wanted me to paint. Some of his last words to me were how he wanted me to paint the mountain as sharp and rigid because life is hard and hard to get through.

Yet the most empowering description was the vividness of what it’d look like when you got to the top. He wanted it to be colorful and radiant. “The most beautiful thing you’ve seen- because it’d be worth the climb.”

The purity of this conversation will not be lost, as its treasured in my soul. Every time I see a radiant picture (such as above), I feel a connection to my guardian angel. Thank you Grandpa Bob. You are a part of my whole-being and I hope to make you proud in my living. May you be enjoying the radiant beauty from the climb ❤


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