Parenting Prose

Parenting is POETIC.

As much as each line in poetry is considered INTENTIONAL, MEANINGFUL and follow somewhat of a PATTERN; I am going to deviate GREATLY from what is considered ‘poetic’ in this post. Simply put- I want to reflect in writing about the adventures of being a MOM.

When making decisions, I always try to do so with the greatest of intentions. Yet toddlerhood does a great job mocking me for thinking that being of good intention will lead to success. Before having a child, if my actions were well thought out and decisions were made with good reason, good things and success would follow. I never realized that being a parent challenges that. Yet, I am extremely grateful that I was taught how to endure, be strong and be positive in all of life’s challenges. I hope its making me a better parent.

Don’t get me wrong, I am greatly honored to be Bella’s mom and have Beau as her loving father and my patient, hand-holding husband. I can’t imagine life without EITHER of them. They are both very forgiving and very loving in all the endeavors of LIFE. They help me learn from my mistakes and grow as a mother and wife.

I don’t even know if it is possible to truly express or explain what you go through being a parent. Yes, every child is different; Every parent is different; Every relationship is different and Every family is different. These ‘nuances’ influence the greatest investment of LIFE- our children. That is why it is EXTREMELY important to have a GROWTH MINDSET and learn from our mistakes along the way. (Because let’s be real- parenting itself is truly a daily scientific investigation: mistakes are inevitable).

So enough preachin’ and reflectin’ let me tell you a little story, without too much detail but enough to understand the reason I’m compelled to write and consider my parenting adventures as POETIC. I’m gonna try my best to pull out the POETRY DEVICES and do a little rhyme and rhythm. Bear with me and laugh if you wish (though you know I’m not real good at being funny).

There’s a little girl in the world

Who has a piece of my heart to hold.

As I look into her eyes,

I feel a connection and not in disguise.

Her beautiful blues

Give me such powerful soul previews.

She gently whispers in my ear

That she wishes me to hold her dear.

With her warm embrace, she makes it clear:

“Have no fear.”

For how much uncertainty the future holds,

I can’t help but dream what might unfold.

The excitement, the fear, the thrill,

The emotional roller coaster, yet hold still.

Great things have yet to come

The tears will be less, the heart will be strong

The laughter and smiles, will be heard lifelong.

There’s a little girl in the world

Who holds a piece of my heart.


This was written after an especially emotional, yet an amazing week shared with my beautiful little girl, Bella. She is the light of my life. Her joy is contagious and her smile RADIANT. She is growing into a very independent little girl and thinks she’s got the world figured out (oh Lord, help me in the teens!). Embracing her personality and character brings me joy. When she hurts or is going through something difficult, it breaks my heart. I am honored to be her support and be strong for her, yet parenting has shown me how to keep composure while breaking down inside. This reflection has allowed me to continue to be optimistic, hopeful, happy and strong. This little girl is going to change the world someday! I just know it! She is already bringing more greatness than she is able to understand. I am HUMBLED by the opportunity to be called her MOTHER.

Forever Grateful.

With Love, Hope and Happiness,





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