Jigsaw Puzzle

Here’s a little philosophical perspective from someone whose never taken a philosophy course (though I’ve heard how enriching they are; since I’m still paying college loans, can I go take a course?) Nonetheless, there are a lot of opinions flying around here and there considering all the political shifting and uncertainties BUT this has NOTHING to do with that. (Take a deep breath if necessary).

Quite frankly, I have been meaning to take the time and sit down and compose a blog post since probably my last one. Please do not go check the date of it as I know it was a long time ago. Almost EVERY day, I think of 20 things to write about. I’m choosing NOT to have a journal to ‘jot’ my ideas down, because sometimes, I think I should keep my thought formations between my two ears.

Well this one snuck out. Therefore- I’m going with the flow (since I also have the time and calm/quiet home to focus and do this). There hasn’t been much formulation of these thoughts, so I apologize if this read becomes a waste of your time. It’s making me feel good to write and see my thoughts unfold and become readable (to me or whomever is choosing to read this).

You can ask my mom- I’ve always been a journal-er. I think I still have my first journal and the 25 thereafter. I would LOVE to flip through those pages. I might have to go grab them to do so here soon. I like to reflect and write my thoughts out. I feel like it makes me whole. I feel like it also makes me accountable to my feelings, thoughts, hopes and desires. Because of this, I hope my journey in journaling and writing has helped make me who I am. That’s why I thank my dear friend Elsa for inspiring me to write again. It sure has been a LONNNNNNNNG time. Again, it makes me feel more in tune and in touch with the everyday dealings of life and to better understand my thoughts and feelings. THANK YOU.

As a teacher (and dedicated lifelong learner), I’ve been an English/Language Arts/Writing teacher for the last 11 years. You think that’d contribute to making me a great writer, right? Welp, that’s the greatest thing about writing- its like life- it has it’s own way of unfolding and the message delivery and interpretation is different for everyone. (That’s my metaphorical interpretation/comparison to life: did it work?) I bring this up because lately, I’ve been ‘teaching with my hair on fire’ for the writing assignment we are doing as a class. I don’t think I’ve EVER had this much excitement in our writing instruction. The students (and I) are writing personal essays about someone important in our life. I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE MINE and maybe some of my students’ as well. They are simply INSPIRATIONAL. So that is where my writing energies have been focused. The students have been fueling my writing ways 🙂

Haha- I think I’m FINALLY going to get to my ‘philosophical perspective’ that I made you so excited to read about. 🙂 Here’s my thesis statement: Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. We spend our days putting the pieces together to what we think the overall puzzle picture should look like. And the crazier thing about the “puzzle” is the ‘colors’ will change over our lifetime (or the whole picture morphs). We may feel like we have a great idea what that ‘puzzle picture’ looks like so our life choices revolve around our idea of ‘putting the pieces together’ with our best knowledge/judgement. Yet- as much ‘control’ as we think we have over our puzzle design, we can quickly get reminded that we don’t.

Because of this analytical metaphorical perspective, it is my job to have faith (and I’m giving you the same task) in the great things in the developing picture that is within that ‘puzzle’ of life. It’s a puzzle of life; a jig-saw puzzle of life.

Before I go- the inspiration of this reflection came from watching the show This is Us. I’ve had some great discussions about the many layers of this well written storyline. The author, Dan Fogelman, presents the story with intentional introduction of ‘snippets’ of the stories that cross over different time spans. To me- like a puzzle; each piece being placed delicately along the way.

And that’s it my friends. The philosophical perspective you’ve all been waiting for. 🙂

To optimism, hope, great things, wisdom and wonderful things….

I leave you with another set of lyrics from my new ‘jam’: (slightly edited (lyrics removed that don’t really pertain to me):


Fast: That’s the kind of car you wanna drive when you’re sixteen
Fast: That’s the kind of boys that you want on the home team
Fast: Yeah, you think you’re gonna catch your big dreams just like that
Fast: And here you are, looking back

Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty
Tick-tock, won’t stop, around it goes
Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry
All you keep trying to do is slow it down, soak it in
You’re trying to make the good times last as long as you can
But you can’t, man
It just goes too fast
If I could hit pause I would somehow
But it don’t work like that

Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty
Tick-tock, won’t stop, around it goes
Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry
All you keep trying to do is slow it down, soak it in
You’re trying to make the good times last as long as you can
But you can’t, no you can’t
It just goes too fast
Way too fast


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