My favorite word is “Mommy”

Though sometimes repeated more times in sequence than I can handle, you can call me that all day long. It always brings an ounce of happiness and hope each time I’m called for. My heart is warmed each time she calls for me, whether it be for stress or in glee, her heart calls for “mommy.”

Yes, daddy is called just as strong, and I truly get shared joy as she asks for him to come along. I’ve dearly learned in the last few months, how to value thee. As I was to become another mommy to be- I had to let my a piece of my heart free.

Yet as I’ve grown and begun to better appreciate, I’ve healed and found my hope in life from my little descendant of me. My hope for tomorrow and what lies ahead is fragile and uncertain. The questions arise about what lies in the future ahead, but I mustn’t dread all that could be. For I truly have a precious gift of being called mommy.

I now better understand that this gift is not provided to all. There are no prejudice to who may or may not get the call. Therefore I feel the power, strength and warmth to hold hands with the women around me. We bring hope, strength and grace to all that we empower as we stand tall. We persevere, we support, we love.

Though it may not always be easy to do the above- it truly is in our heart of hearts to nurture and love. Because of these reasons, I cherish the honor of being called mommy, as I hold the gift to empower another with all things that the future can be. To greatness, to togetherness- to love.

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