My favorite word is “Mommy”

Though sometimes repeated more times in sequence than I can handle, you can call me that all day long. It always brings an ounce of happiness and hope each time I’m called for. My heart is warmed each time she calls for me, whether it be for stress or in glee, her heart calls for... Continue Reading →

Facing Failure

I do my best to demonstrate that I learn from my mistakes in order to become a better person, educator, wife and mother. In my opinion, seeking perfection is a fruitless journey.  I strive to inspire greatness in others and be my best self most of the time. I'm far from perfect but I'm happy... Continue Reading →

Our 2017 Christmas Story

This is my first attempt to do a "Christmas Story" for our family. There is a lot more to it than what has been written in this blog, BUT I tried to capitalize on some valuable things from this holiday season. Enjoy!

Inspiration Overload Download

Lightning has struck me! (per se) And my drive has become focused. I can’t ignore the information that has been enriching my life. What will I do with it all? I do not yet know. But I will be doing something. It all started earlier this year, and the more information I absorb, the more... Continue Reading →


Straight up- I feel a little hungover from all of the information I just received from the trauma informed schools conference I just attended. Maybe hungover is not the right term because I feel great; renewed, empowered and focused. Though I’m having a tough time summarizing the valuable take-aways because they were so powerful and... Continue Reading →


Brace yourself. I am more inspired at this very moment than I have been in a long while. I have NO idea what is going to happen as I sit and reflect tonight. All good things... but I'm like a child who just got the EXACT present they were asking for at Christmas. I'm just... Continue Reading →

Jigsaw Puzzle

Here's a little philosophical perspective from someone whose never taken a philosophy course (though I've heard how enriching they are; since I'm still paying college loans, can I go take a course?) Nonetheless, there are a lot of opinions flying around here and there considering all the political shifting and uncertainties BUT this has NOTHING... Continue Reading →

Parenting Prose

Parenting is POETIC. As much as each line in poetry is considered INTENTIONAL, MEANINGFUL and follow somewhat of a PATTERN; I am going to deviate GREATLY from what is considered 'poetic' in this post. Simply put- I want to reflect in writing about the adventures of being a MOM. When making decisions, I always try... Continue Reading →

Giving of Thanks

I'm a giver. I like to give and express my appreciation. YET- I always feel like I don't do it ENOUGH. With the demands of life, I hope that those around me understand the inferences of appreciation I show because not always do the words come out of my mouth, though I feel them in... Continue Reading →

Post-Election School Day

Wow. Being a teacher at this time in history is remarkable. You get the most genuine, sometimes comical responses from 10 year olds during the 'turning points' in history. I am proud to be a guide in the acquisition and filtration of information for these kids. Today is a day that I probably will never... Continue Reading →

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